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#Introducing M. Smart----A Fictional Buyer

Mar. 14, 2018

Very often, as a Wireless Charger OEM factory plant, we are being asked similar questions repeatedly.

Therefore, we find it necessary to create this fictional buyer and in our best possible manner, gather frequently asked questions with our replies. 

M. SMART----A buyer, regardless of his country of origin, is a male character who could be a shop-owner, brand-owner, either a wholesaler/reseller or a retailer, it is a first-nameless, lovable, open-minded business owner/sourcing company, who has been working in Cellphone&Accessory Industries for quite a few years. SMART is always trying to get up-to-date news on new gadgets and knows well enough about the trend so that is more likely to make a right decision, however, he has his own trouble. He has realized that business competition is becoming fiercer day by day. So, he or his team, is often found pushing the suppliers for better prices or better support.

In short,  we try to create a typical character that our readers find themselves in him.

And being a Wireless Charger OEM Manufacturer, we will, in the coming months, update frequently fictional stories to share market information and insider-facts that we found necessary to let people know.

End of Introduction


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