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Leaked pictures of iphone 8 wireless charging pad component

Mar. 13, 2018

Recently , some leaked pictures in Chinese Social network of weibo shows the evidence of iphone 8 wireless charging setup.

IPhone 8 and its ancillary equipment "iPhone 7s" and "iPhone 7s Plus" will use glass body with metal frame to adopt to the WPC standard wireless charging function

Evidence of iphone 8 wireless chargerEvidence of iphone 8 wireless charger

Evidence of iphone 8 wireless chargerEvidence of iphone 8 wireless charger

The 2 pictures above show the Evidence of Iphone 8 Wireless charging pad components , But is it a rummer or a truth ? Nobody will know it until the day comes.

Whether wireless charging will become the next popular product in 2017 ? 

Frankly speaking , it has a s long way to go! Because there are still 2 main problems :

[1]Slow charging speed

[2].Heating. During Wireless charging or fast charging, the device may feel hotter and If the battery temperature goes beyond specified limit, 

the charger may stop charging . A lot of samsung original wireless charger user said that their S8(exynos) stops charging randomly after 80% .Sometimes it's struck at 83% and sometimes even at 57%. These problems are all caused by the High temperature !Most of the wireless chargers supplier can not solve this problem , but @smamcat  has some achievement in solving this problem. They have some new models , which are with built-in cooling fan to cool the mobile phone . Compared with the original samsung wireless chargers , the S330 and S550 have better performance:

[1]The temperature is 9 ℃ lower;

[2]It takes 30 mins less than samsung  original wireless charger;

Evidence of iphone 8 wireless charger

For more information about the Iphone 8 wireless chargers,please contact smacat@smacat.com, or http://www.smacat.com/ 

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